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A 30 second guide to Service Desk Staffing

By | 14th August 2016

The topic of Service Desk staffing has remained an enigma and a point of much discussion and debate for years. Considering that Service Desk is such a matured service offering  one would believe that calculating the number of resources required for a particular Service Desk would be a fairly easy task. However, this is one… Read More »

It’s all in the % ages….. The easiest way to calculate % ages

By | 9th August 2016

  It is surprising to see that so many of junior and mid management people struggle with percentages. Percentage for all practical purposes is the most widely used mathematical term in the corporate world. Margin, attrition, cost savings are all indicated in %ages. In this short article I will lay down some extremely simple tips… Read More »

Value based delivery …What does it really mean?

By | 6th August 2016

  Unfortunately the above quote is not applicable in the corporate world. If you are unable to articulate your organizations worth to your customers then your “value” DOES decrease. “Value” is among the most loosely used terms in today’s services world. Right from the RFP stage till the renewal stage the word “value” is used… Read More »